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November 15, 2016

This past October, I traveled to Minneapolis with CAIPER team member Dr. Karen Saewert to join the Interprofessional by Design™: Meeting at the Crossroads to Accelerate Leadership Competency and Readiness for Transition to Interprofessional Practice, six-member grant team for a kickoff institute with the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (NCIPE). This grant was competitively awarded from NCIPE in their Accelerating Interprofessional Community-Based Education and Practice Program, and the kickoff institute was a great way for the team to fully establish themselves and work towards getting their projects off the ground (SeeNCIPE Press ReleaseAward RecipientsASU Now Press Release).

The grant aims to expand the services of the SHOW Clinic to Crossroads, a large residential substance abuse treatment center in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as provide interprofessional leadership training to all students involved with the initiative. With our knowledge and experience in building competitive interprofessional projects and grants, as well as our strong relationship with NCIPE through the Arizona Nexus, CAIPER was instrumental in crafting the development of the grant. We are proud to have Dr. Saewert serving as the Co-PI and lead for student interprofessional leadership development with this project.

At the institute, led by the PI, Project Lead and Director of the SHOW Clinic, Dr. Liz Harrell, the team was able to bond and work together on ensuring the grant will be a success. Also present were Dr. Oaklee Rogers from Northern Arizona University who serves as the grant health promotion lead, Pooja Paode, a Masters of Healthcare Delivery student at ASU and a SHOW student leader, and Karem Garcia, the clinical quality manager for the community-based partner, Crossroads. The retreat from Phoenix allowed the group three focused days in which to concentrate on a strong vision and mission for the project. The group was also afforded the invaluable opportunity to interface with all of the other funded projects, the National Center staff, and even some of the funding members. Their full immersion into the grant and being surrounded by other supportive and resourceful teams allowed them to create solid implementation plans for the initiative.

After the institute, the team members truly felt they were in a much better place to bring this grant to life. As both the CAIPER and Grant Project Manager, I appreciated how the institute helped fine-tune the team dynamics. Before arriving in Minneapolis, we collectively had a good idea of goals and objectives for the project, but differing visions for how it would all come together. After the three days, we each felt as though we were all on the same page, knew how each of our individual parts fit together, and how we could really make this work and deliver better care to underserved individuals, while simultaneously preparing our students for leadership in an interprofessional workforce.

With the Center's mission to advance competency-based interprofessional education, opportunities to align education and practice, and research initiatives, we are proud to be a part of work that will be driving the advancement of all three. We'll keep you up-to-date on the progress of this wonderful work, so check back soon, or connect with CAIPER on social media.

Photo caption: Grant team (from left): Michael Moramarco (ASU, College of Nursing & Health Innovation), Liz Harrell (ASU, College of Nursing & Health Innovation), Pooja Paode (ASU, College of Health Solutions graduate student, SHOW clinic volunteer), Karen Saewert (ASU, CONHI), Teri Kennedy (ASU, College of Public Service & Community Solutions, School of Social Work), Oaklee Rogers (NAU, College of Health and Human Services, Occupational Therapy) and Karem Garcia (Crossroads Inc.).


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