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Open Hearts Family Wellness: Coordinated Care through Wellness Coaching

Serving the health and behavior health care needs of vulnerable children and families requires an integrated approach, yet services are often disorganized and complicated and fail to provide the coordination, education, and sense of personal connection that supports success. Enter Open Hearts Family Wellness!

Open Hearts Family Wellness provides integrated health and behavioral health services for children and families in Phoenix, Arizona. Dedicated to community well-being and walking beside their clients to inspire a healthy future, they have adopted a unique model of co-active coaching that guides their mission, workplace culture, teamwork, and services.

Based upon a model developed by Henry and Karen Kimsey-House and Laura Whitworth, co-active coaching is an active collaboration between the coach and coachee. Coaching permeates the organization’s workplace culture and services to clients, guiding the communication and relationship between agency leadership, staff, and teams, as well as the relationship between staff and families.

The ASU Center for Advancing Interprofessional Practice, Education & Research (CAIPER) serves in a coach-the-coach role, assisting agency professionals to identify opportunities to model and for students to practice interprofessional teamwork, learn about the roles of each team member, and learn to work co-actively with clients. CAIPER fosters teamwork capacity and the development of interprofessional team competencies through access to a learning community, training opportunities, and educational resources.

Health professions students placed through this CAIPER interprofessional clinical site in collaboration with Open Hearts Family Wellness learn to work with children and families through a strengths-based, whole person approach to integrated team-based care that places the child and family at the center of care, and focuses upon dynamic and transformative communication with clients and team members.