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CAIPER, Edson College and AZ Nexus at Nexus Summit 2019

CAIPER, the Arizona Nexus and Edson Partners to be front and center at the Nation’s foremost interprofessional meeting – The 2019 Nexus Summit

Edson College and Arizona Nexus IPE initiatives will be shared in workshops, conversation café’s and lightning round talks at the upcoming Nexus Summit, sponsored by the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education.

Dr. Gerri Lamb, CAIPER’s Director, is co-chairing this year's Summit with Dr. Barbara Brandt, Director of the national center. Dr. Lamb will also be presenting a workshop with CAIPER and AT Still grant team members, Dr. Lise McCoy, Kristen Will, Yvonne Price and Nina Karamehmedovic, on innovative distance technologies for improving teamwork for vulnerable populations. 

Innovation in Clinical Team Training: Using Novel Distance Technology to Support Healthcare Teams Caring for Vulnerable Populations

Project Overview: Improving teamwork in busy practice teams calls for new training approaches. Our goal was to learn content and delivery preferences firsthand from primary care teams and co-create a training prototype to meet their needs. In interviews and focus groups, members of primary care teams identified learning priorities in the areas of patient engagement, teamwork and team wellbeing. Their preferred format was short, engaging, and immediately actionable. This workshop describes the co-creation, pilot testing and evaluation of a novel digital magazine approach to support teams and provide a training…

Edson’s Jinnette Senecal, Manager of Instructional Design, and Dr. Karen Saewert, Senior Director for IPECP, will present their work on podcasting as part of the Summit's Resource Exchange.

Podcasting by Design: From Confabbing to Learning - A Guide to Making Your Podcast a Valuable and Practical Resource

Project overview: The Center for Advancing Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research (CAIPER) at Arizona State University’s Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation, put out an interprofessional health podcast: CAIPER Confabs. Our podcast team will be providing a dynamic and interactive venue for individuals from across the education and practice spectrums to learn from the design and creation of learning materials derived from podcast episodes. Participants will explore the potential benefits and barriers to the implementation of podcasts as professional development for all…

Together with Dr. Teri Kennedy, Associate Dean, Interprofessional Practice, Education, Policy, and Research at University of Kansas School of Nursing, Edson's Jinnette Senecal will be presenting the culmination of many years of work - an interprofessional preceptor's guide. 

The Preceptor’s Guide to the Nexus: Supporting the Role of Preceptors in Optimizing the Interprofessional Clinical Learning Environment

Project overview: Health systems are faced with a dual challenge of “optimizing learning and patient care”, while preparing health professions learners for interprofessional, integrated team-based care and collaboration (NCICLE, 2019, p. 4). Clinical preceptors occupy an important space at the nexus between interprofessional education and collaborative practice, but most were trained in a specific discipline with traditional roles and chains of command, and learned how to practice in teams through “example, trial, and error” (Kennedy, 2018, p. 7). As a result, health professions learners…

All topics are reminders of the great resources CAIPER has to offer to all faculty, staff, and students that are learning about IPE. 

Are you av Arizona Nexus or Edson College partner with a presentation at this year's Summit?  Please reach out and let us know so we can feature your project and presentation on the CAIPER website!