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From Medicine to Journalism: Interprofessional Teamwork at the SHOW Student-Run Clinic

September 22, 2017

Many people see clinics as a place only for health students to volunteer, but in actuality it requires many different schools of thought to function successfully. Like our clients, student-run clinics are much more complex than they seem, and they need attention from many different disciplines...

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Join the CAIPER Team at the 2017 Nexus Summit!

August 9, 2017

As the summer temperatures continue to soar in Arizona, the CAIPER team is beginning to look forward to spending a few days in the cooler weather of Minneapolis, at the Nexus Summit 2017 on August 20-23. Here’s a sneak peek at all the sessions and activities we’ll be engaging in.

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Bringing Interprofessional Education into the Virtual World for Online Learners

March 1, 2017

Dr. Heidi Sanborn presents a template for faculty looking to expand interprofessional education (IPE) offerings in their courses and make IPE available to their online learners. It features a free, expandable, and customizable learning activity that can be offered across departments, colleges, and universities at no cost to students and programs. This fully developed learning activity is an effective and affordable solution for online faculty looking to bring IPE into the virtual world.

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Interprofessional Leadership, Environments and Outcomes

February 7, 2017

There is a growing emphasis on the idea of joy in the workplace and a push to add a 4th Aim for Healthcare’s Triple Aim focused on positive practice environments for clinicians. It is easy to understand why this is so important.  We have 30+ years worth of data that has identified positive practice environments for clinicians are associated with better outcomes for patients, the workforce and organizations.

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CAIPER Participates in NCIPE Accelerating Grant Kickoff

November 15, 2016

This past October, I traveled to Minneapolis with CAIPER team member Dr. Karen Saewert to join the Interprofessional by Design™: Meeting at the Crossroads to Accelerate Leadership Competency and Readiness for Transition to Interprofessional Practice, six-member grant team for a kickoff institute with the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (NCIPE).

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Center for Advancing Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research Launches New Website

November 13, 2016

Welcome to the new website of the ASU Center for Advancing Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research (CAIPER). We hope you will find our site a good source of information and news about interprofessional education (IPE) activity at Arizona State University and the national IPE community, as well as a valuable resource in your interprofessional journey.

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ASU Social Work Student Wins IPE Team Competition

February 23, 2015

Forming a team of health care professionals to create a patient care plan can be challenging.  ASU social work graduate student Ecila Barnett met this challenge and won the A.T. Still University Interprofessional Education Collaborative Case Competition.

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