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Teamwork Toolkit for the Clinical Learning Environment

Teamwork Toolkit for the Interprofessional clinical learning environment

An Interprofessional Clinical Learning Environment Microlearning Course

The new CAIPER Interprofessional By Design® Microlearning Course provides a timely and practical introduction to the CLE, including its core features, goals, and strategies for clinicians, students, and members of clinical teams to provide quality care to patients and families.




CLE audience

Who's it for

The course is beneficial for both students and clinicians in all health professions. The content is relevant for any practice setting – including hospitals, clinics, long-term care, home care, and others. 

CLE learning

What will learners gain

This microlearning course is designed for brief, just-in-time learning that prepares learners to recognize and implement strategies for an optimal and interprofessional CLE.

CLE overview

Course overview

The course is comprised of seven 15-20 minute modules that include microlearning videos, discussion questions to facilitate team engagement and knowledge checks to reinforce key concepts. The modules may be used by individual learners or in a group setting and are especially effective for engaging students and team members in discussions about improving their CLE.

Topics include:

  • The Interprofessional CLE: Present and Future
  • High-Performance Teamwork
  • Patients and Families as Team Members
  • Optimizing Your High-Performance Team
  • Care Coordination for At-Risk Populations
  • Team Values and Professional Well-Being  
  • Measuring CLE Effectiveness

CLE features

Key features

  • Digital Badge issued by the ASU Center for Advancing Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research (CAIPER)
  • Personalized ASU CAIPER Certificate of Completion
  • Can  be integrated in pre-existing courses, stackable credentials or other offerings within clinical and academic settings
  • Self-paced and asynchronous
  • Mobile-friendly

Interprofessional Clinical Learning Environment Digital Badge

Digital Badge and Certificate

Learners who successfully complete the microlearning course will earn a digital credential in: Interprofessional Clinical Learning Environment.

Personalized Certificates of Completion are also awarded for successful completion of the course, formalizing a learner’s efforts and providing documentation that can be submitted to instructors or employers.

CLE cost


The cost for the microlearning course is $39 for individuals.

Package pricing is available for educational institutions, professional organizations, non-profits and businesses. ASU specific pricing is available for ASU and Edson College affiliates. Please email caiper@asu.edu for details.




The CLE Microlearning Course was developed by CAIPER, with support from the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation Global Health Collaboratory, and is offered through Arizona State University Continuing and Professional Education.

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