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Teamwork and Primary Care eLearning Modules

The Center for Advancing Interprofessional Practice, Education & Research (CAIPER) is committed to providing effective distance materials for the range of audiences we serve, including faculty, students and clinical practitioners. When we embarked on gathering these materials, we wanted them to be: competency-based, evidence-based, relevant, interesting, and ready for immediate application – and importantly, able to be used across professions.

We found some excellent interprofessional modules, but few met all our criteria, especially the ability to reach across all professions in the spirit of shared mental models and language. So, we invited faculty, students and practitioners to help design and evaluate new interprofessional eLearning modules.

The evaluation tools we designed and each of the completed modules are in the Resource Hub section of our website. You can also read more about these two sets of interprofesional modules on the CAIPER eLearning Modules page.

Grant funding from the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation supported the development of introductory distance modules on core interprofessional competencies, including an introduction to competency-based interprofessional learning, communication, and  roles and responsibilities. Each of the modules is interactive with competency self-assessment built into practice exercises. Extensive and enthusiastic student feedback assured us that the modules are engaging and useful for clinical learning.

Grant funding from the Arizona Graduate Nursing Education Initiative (AzGNE) has supported the development of modules focused on teamwork in primary care.  The primary care modules include team-based decision-making in primary care and integrated care, recognizing high performing primary care teams and leading effective primary care teams.