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I-TEAM By Design™

I-TEAM By Design


Team training for the future of collaboration in healthcare and beyond

I-TEAM By Design™ is an interprofessional and interdisciplinary program that engages participants in various learning experiences and “Workouts” to cultivate skills and practices associated with empathy, presence, well-being and interpersonal communication.

By promoting openness, vulnerability, and self-other awareness, I-TEAM By Design™ represents novel, innovative and engaging opportunities for participants to strengthen their empathy muscles, cultivate resiliency sustaining skills, and enhance their socio-emotional well-being.

Originally developed for health professionals and health profession students, I-TEAM By Design™ can be adapted for any academic or non-clinical organization interested in enhancing collaborative culture, team-based solutions, and humanism.

Up until now, I-TEAM By Design™ training tools have been available exclusively to internal academic audiences. Beginning in 2021, I-TEAM By Design™ training options also will become available for public use.

The academic-based trainings blend a variety of virtual learning models with interprofessional group training sessions. The public package will be a flexible and innovational training collection designed specifically to meet the needs of busy teams.

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