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eLearning Meets Interprofessional Competencies and Team-Based Primary Care

When we launched our interprofessional (IP) programs, we set out to solve two thorny problems – How do we provide practical, competency-based interprofessional team training to students and practitioners from a myriad of health professions whose schedules are so varied and busy that in-person group training is difficult, if not impossible, to coordinate?  And - How do we bring together IPEC® competencies with primary care practice in ways that are relevant to learners and capture clinical practice in an authentic way?

Armed with the insights of many faculty, students, and clinical partners, and with funding from the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation and the Arizona Graduate Nurse Education Demonstration Project, we now have eight discipline-neutral eLearning modules that connect core IP competencies and real-time team practices in primary care including integrated care and care coordination.  

Engaging competency based content 

Each module is an interactive experience that takes the learner through clinical and cased-based scenarios to teach core teamwork knowledge and skills. All of the content in each module is organized under a few overarching learning objectives, and each learning objective is directly connected to specific IPEC® competencies for teamwork in healthcare. 

IPEC eLearning Competency Table

The interactive IPEC® competency tables embedded in each module make it easy to see exactly what skills and knowledge can be acquired through completion, and where those skills and knowledge fit within the greater IPEC® competency framework.

Rigorous development and review

In order to ensure content excellence, we designed and implemented a multi-stage development and review process. The process was fine-tuned through each cycle. 

  1. Subject matter expert (SME) developed content using a structured PowerPoint template
  2. Interprofessional faculty/practitioner advisory group reviewed content and provided feedback to SME
  3. SME completed final content editing based on feedback
  4. Instructional designer transformed the template into an interactive and mobile-friendly eLearning module
  5. Interprofessional student advisory group reviewed content as well as usability, accessibility, appearance and flow
  6. Feedback from students was incorporated, and the module finalized and published

Both the faculty/practitioner and student advisory groups who participated in the review process were interprofessional, coming from five different disciplines. They also came from four Arizona universities: Arizona State University, University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, and Grand Canyon University.

Core Interprofessional Modules

Core Interprofessional eLearning ModulesThe eLearning modules are organized into two sets, one that introduces users to IPEC competencies, and one that applies the competencies in team-based primary care practices.

The first set, the Core Interprofessional Modules, focus on the foundational knowledge of team-based care and collaborative practice. This set includes four modules:


What is Interprofessional Education?

Defines interprofessional education and describes its value in healthcare practice, and also includes a case study and several interactive activities that highlight practical ways to recognize and optimize teamwork experiences.

Interprofessional Communication: Communication in Healthcare Settings

Provides examples of effective and ineffective communication and their impact on patient outcomes, and includes tools and strategies for communicating during difficult clinical situations.

Roles and Responsibilities: It Takes a Team!

An introduction to the roles and responsibilities of interprofessional primary care team members with interactive activities to teach skills needed to explain one's own role and responsibilities to patients, families and team members. 

Four Habits of High Performance Teams and Teamwork from a Person-Centered Perspective

Illustrates the alignment of personal values and core principles with practice habits and competencies associated with high performance teams and teamwork in health care.

Interprofessional Primary Care Modules

Interprofessional Primary Care eLearning ModulesThe companion set, the Interprofessional Primary Care Modules, emphasize team-based decisions and skills required for current and evolving primary care practice and continuum-based care. This set includes four modules:




Introduction to Team-Decision Making in Primary Care

Clinical scenarios walk the learner through deciding who, what, when, where, and how to involve team members in patient care, and explores different teamwork models. 

Involving Team Members in Primary Care Practice

Uses a patient scenario to explore when and how to involve different team members in primary care visits.

Developing an Integrated Plan of Care

Examines the processes team members use to deliver comprehensive care and includes specific steps to design and evaluate an integrated and comprehensive team plan of care.

Care Coordination in Primary Care Practice

An introduction to care coordination and common tools and strategies for care coordination in primary care.

Free to use

The modules are a great learning tool for faculty, students, clinicians and other health professionals. Designed to be brief, engaging and relevant to all health professions, the modules can be easily integrated in classroom and clinical rotations to support interprofessional competency development in team-based care.

Both the Core Interprofessional Modules and the Interprofessional Primary Care Modules are free to use and share with attribution.

Next steps

We are actively planning the production of future eLearning modules and are very interested in learning about how people are using and sharing our current modules. If you choose to use the eLearning modules, please reach out to us and share your experience. 


About the Author

Yvonne PriceYvonne Price is the Senior Instructional Designer for the Center. She works with instructional technologies and communication theories to produce effective teaching and learning materials. In her role with the Center, she collaborates with diverse teams to produce a variety of interprofessional training materials for students as well as healthcare professionals. She has been developing and designing training materials for interprofessional education and practice since 2010.

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