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Announcing CAIPER Confabs: A Health Professions Podcast

After a long summer of planning and production, the CAIPER Confabs podcast is live and going strong! 

Here at CAIPER, we are always trying to come up with creative and innovative ways to share and connect with colleagues around the world. When veteran podcaster and team member Jinnette Senecal broached the idea of an interprofessionally focused podcast series, it didn’t take much talking before the rest of the CAIPER team was on board and barreling full steam ahead into the world of podcasting.

As one of the producers and talent behind the Instruction By Design podcast out of CONHI’s Academic Innovation, Jinnette was uniquely qualified to help launch CAIPER Confabs: A health professions podcast. 

‘Confabs’ you say???

Of course, there’s loads of planning and production worksheets and calendars to wrangle when starting a podcast, but there’s also the fun stuff, like naming it.

In the beginning, we came up with the obvious (and mostly unexciting) names – CAIPER Conversations, CAIPER Connections and Conversations, Connected CAIPER Conversations. And then came the idea to call it “CAIPER Confabs.”  Confabs…what??? 

Needless to say, that name didn’t get an open-arm welcome from everyone right away, mostly because half the team had never heard of a confab before. So, what is a confab anyway? 

Confab (derived from confabulate): To talk informally; to hold a discussion.

It didn’t take long for the name to find its way into our everyday lingo, and into everyone’s favor, as team members began jokingly talking about the “confabulous” podcast production yesterday, or the “confabulous” presentation coming up next week.

And with that, CAIPER Confabs was born with an official debut at the Nexus Summit 2018.

CAIPER Confabs at Nexus Summit 2018

Episode 1, wading into the water to lead interprofessionally

Our very first episode features four of our courageous CAIPER team members and a discussion that showcases some engaging stories for listeners. Learn a little about the CAIPER team as members talk about how they came to the world of IP healthcare, and then delve into some challenging issues such as how to prepare tomorrow’s interprofessional healthcare leaders, and what it means to lead interprofessionally.

Episode 2, swimming into ‘wicked problems’ with friends from the Nexus

Closet sound booth at Nexus Summit 2018

With one episode under our belt, the team reached out to friend and colleague, Dr. Barbara Maxwell, University Director of IPE and Collaboration at A.T. Still University, to join an exploration of ‘wicked problems’ in healthcare – complicated and seemingly unsolvable problems.

This special episode also includes conversation snippets from health care professionals and leaders recorded at the Nexus Summit 2018. Recording on-site at the Summit was both exciting and challenging. The lack of a traditional sound booth set-up had CAIPER Confabs producer, Michael Moramarco (pictured to the left), getting creative in order to record top-quality audio for the podcast.

Humorous solutions to recording challenges aside, the CAIPER team was very excited to have the opportunity to explore such a diversity of experiences and innovative ideas for grappling with complex problems in everyday practice. 

Episode 3, riding the waves to look at care for high-need patients

Coming in December and rounding out our first year in production, Founding Director of CAIPER, Dr. Gerri Lamb, sits down with the editor of a 2017 National Academies of Medicine Report on the care of high-needs patients, Dr. Peter Long. CAIPER team members Michael Moramarco and Jinnette Senecal join the conversation, along with Mr. Chris Barreto, a clinical social worker for Dignity Health’s Center for Transitional Care.

CAIPER Confabs recording session

Surfing into 2019

Our team is excited about the line-up of guests and topics to come in 2019! CAIPER Confabs will continue to explore timely interprofessional topics and trends with guest speakers from both the local and national interprofessional scene. Stay tuned for lively discussions about team resilience, sustaining IPE, and tech tools for team collaboration.

New episodes are released every other month, and you can tune in directly on the CAIPER Confabs webpage or subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Google Play or Stitcher

If you don’t want to miss out, you can also sign up for CAIPER Blog updates, or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook and look for the #caiperconfabs hashtag to follow new episode releases.

CAIPER Confabs: A Health Professions Podcast


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