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The CAIPER Mission & Vision

Building capacity in teamwork and collaboration—the science and art of working together effectively—is the cornerstone for innovation to drive excellence and transform healthcare locally, nationally, and globally for the purpose of optimizing the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations.

The ASU Center for Advancing Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research (CAIPER) operationalizes its values-based strategies to advance thinking, practice, education, and research amongst diverse health and health-related professions stakeholder groups and settings. Community-practice, education, organizational, national, and international partners are convened by the Center to:

  • Leverage collaborative talents and expertise essential to the effective design, implementation, and evaluation of a multifaceted plan to accelerate and expand interprofessional practice, education, and research initiatives.
  • Collaborate to provide practical knowledge, tools, and strategies for application in efforts to achieve excellence in teamwork and collaboration.
  • Learn and work together across professions and settings.
  • Support partners in designing, strengthening, and evaluating team-based practices including high-value processes such as care coordination, transitional care, and population-based care.
  • Enable robust programs of research to increase understanding of team performance and its impact on important health and healthcare outcomes.

Our Mission

The Center for Advancing Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research is a catalyst for transforming healthcare by driving excellence in teamwork and collaboration.

The Center has a tripartite mission to advance:

  1. Competency-based interprofessional education of health professions and health-related professions students to prepare them for success as team members, innovators, and leaders.
  2. Opportunities and strategies to align and capitalize on strengths and capacities of education and practice.
  3. Research and evaluation initiatives to provide new insights and evidence-based strategies. 

Our Vision

Healthcare that values excellence in teamwork and collaboration to transform healthcare and optimize health and the experience of healthcare for individuals, families, communities and populations.

The Center aspires to this vision by:

  • Modeling the values and competencies of effective teamwork and collaboration;
  • Engaging students, faculty, practitioners, and community partners in forward thinking dialogue about interprofessional practice, education, and research;
  • Partnering with diverse stakeholder groups to advance interprofessional education, practice, and research initiatives; and,
  • Disseminating knowledge, tools, and strategies to build teamwork and collaboration capacity.