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Fellows aim to inspire change in health care

October 30, 2014

Shirley Johnson’s focus on innovation as a nurse leader has been strengthened through her participation in the first cohort of ASU's Interprofessional Fellowship in Innovative Health Leadership program.

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ASU and partner universities awarded $31 million to enhance diversity in the biomedical research workforce

October 27, 2014

ASU is part of a multi-university team awarded funding devoted to encouraging students from diverse backgrounds to pursue careers in bioscience research.

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Interprofessional Collaboration in Practice

October 10, 2014

Students from ASU's School of Community Resources and Development and the College of Nursing & Health Innovation have teamed up to develop  strategies to improve the quality of life for local elderly and disabled community members.

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Arizona university students collaborate to open health clinic for homeless

September 30, 2014

Students from Arizona’s public universities have teamed up to open the state’s first student-run, multi-university health care clinic for the homeless:  the Student Health Outreach for Wellness (S.H.O.W.) community initiative.

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ASU Students Win Signal Processing Application Contest

May 28, 2014

Three ASU students from different disciplines worked together to develop Speaklear, a telemedicine device designed to allow speech-language pathologists to treat patients with communication disorders remotely.

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Interdisciplinary Student-Run Clinic to Serve Local Community

May 20, 2014

S.H.O.W. is a learning laboratory that is open to all enrolled participating university students with the aim of providing free primary care services to people in the Phoenix area who are experiencing homelessness.

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Global Perspective Gives ASU Grad the Insight to Improve Health Care

April 13, 2014

“Our professors are helping us think on a systems level about connections,” said Mohamed Arif.  “And we’re solving problems in interdisciplinary ways because systems problems cannot be addressed from one perspective.”

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