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Interprofessional Writing Group Provides Forum to Strengthen Skills and Network Across Disciplines

December 16, 2014

Twice a month, ASU faculty members from the College of Health Solutions and the College of Nursing & Health Innovation meet to peer coach one another on scholarly writing.

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Studio class explores the intersection of culture, restorative design and health

December 1, 2014

ASU health care and design students spent seven days in Australia this fall expanding their perspectives of culture and health by exploring the intersection of restorative environments and health care for indigenous populations.

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Interprofessional Q&A Series -- November

October 31, 2014

Welcome to the first Q&A feature in an ongoing series with ASU’s IPE champions.  Today we’re talking about implementing IPE in clinical practice from three different practitioner vantage points.

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Fellows aim to inspire change in health care

October 30, 2014

Shirley Johnson’s focus on innovation as a nurse leader has been strengthened through her participation in the first cohort of ASU's Interprofessional Fellowship in Innovative Health Leadership program.

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ASU and partner universities awarded $31 million to enhance diversity in the biomedical research workforce

October 27, 2014

ASU is part of a multi-university team awarded funding devoted to encouraging students from diverse backgrounds to pursue careers in bioscience research.

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Interprofessional Collaboration in Practice

October 10, 2014

Students from ASU's School of Community Resources and Development and the College of Nursing & Health Innovation have teamed up to develop  strategies to improve the quality of life for local elderly and disabled community members.

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Arizona university students collaborate to open health clinic for homeless

September 30, 2014

Students from Arizona’s public universities have teamed up to open the state’s first student-run, multi-university health care clinic for the homeless:  the Student Health Outreach for Wellness (S.H.O.W.) community initiative.

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